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The manufacturing plant is located in Lexington, South Carolina. Encore Boat Builders makes its own components, such as furniture, tubes and railings. This helps to ensure quality control while saving time and money; thus keeping the costs down for our customers. They employ a group of skilled, hard-working employees who pride themselves in creating a great product every day. The craftsmanship they provide to building their boats is second to none.


Bentley pontoons are easy to operate, reasonably priced, include a limited express warranty, and come with great standard features such as: MP3 capable sound systems, wheelchair accessible gates and custom fiberglass consoles.


New Pontoon Inventory  

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2017 Bentley 204 SE 4pt

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2017 Bentley 240 Sport Fish

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About Encore Boat Builders..


2016 Bentley 200 Fish

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2016 Bentley 253 Elite Admiral

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2015 Manitou 220 Aurora

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